We’re back!


Hello again everyone.

It has been just over one year since our last post. SO MUCH has happened!!!

We are now living in Leipzig, which is crazy. My hometown–Moncks Corner, SC–had less than 6000 people in 2000. I am now living in a city of more than 540,000. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, to say the least. I miss walking barefoot through the woods and up dirt roads, but I’m adjusting. Leipzig has plenty of parks, a zoo, an orchestra, and great public transportation. As far as big cities go, it’s pretty awesome.

I have a new job, finally. After nearly a year of traveling to contstruction sites I landed a job as a tech support agent. I am working with IBM through a placement agency, and it is SO MUCH better. I get to come home every night, I am interested in what I do, I actually UNDERSTAND what I do, and I am working in English. I was actually hired because I am a native English speaker.

And the best news–I get to meet my son soon!!! Isaiah  should make his grand entrance into the world sometime between now and June 5. Get ready to be FLOODED with pictures and videos of the coolest little man ever.

More details to come soon, and I hope to update this regularly moving forward.

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