The joys of technology


Today is my birthday, and Ralu has already amazed me.  She sent an awesome email, filled up my facebook wall with some VERY COOL stuff, put the amazing post that’s right below this one, and even recorded a video just for me and sent it.  And earlier this week, I received an awesome shirt and card from her 😀

Now I’m waiting for her to get home from work so we can have a Skype date 🙂  She sent me a message apologizing because she’s going to be a little late.  So I logged into to send her a message back.  After that my dad called and asked what my plans are.  I explained how I’m going to spend some time with Ralu, talking on Skype and using the video from gmail chat.  It made me think about all the technology that has made our relationship possible so far.  So here’s a brief rundown:

The internet!!!  I remember the first time I used AOL to login online–I’m pretty sure I was in middle school.  Now I have an extremely fast cable internet connection, and I can carry the world wide web around in my pocket with my fancy Samsung Fascinate that Ralu and I have affectionately dubbed Selah.

Cmatch  The free Christian dating website that started it all.  She winked and I went crazy!  We communicated for a few days on cmatch before we graduated to email.

Gmail  The chosen email service for both of us, we have probably sent over a thousand messages back and forth since December 4, 2010.  I’m seriously going to print all of our messages and turn it into a book one day 🙂

Google Voice  Ralu called me twice from her phone, but other than that I tried to always be the one to call.  Google voice was the first service I used and it was usually good quality.  It’s pretty expensive though ($0.21/minute)

Fring  This is an application for smart phones, 

(to be continued … )

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