The home stretch


I returned to Plauen for the weekend at 1am last night.  Just finished a week of work, and I go back to work at 3am on Monday.  Ralu is back in Romania for now.  

I had very bad connection at the hotel while during the last week of work, so our communication has been limited.

I returned home last night to notes all over the apartment for me, food in the fridge, and the heat left on 🙂  Last time I came home from work, Ralu was waiting on me.  The whole trip home was exciting, everything was a reminder that I’ll be with her soon.  Everything built up anticipation.  She came for a week, stayed with her aunt and spent most of her time with me.  It was MUCH needed for both of us.

Now we’re doing video chat, and I feel the distance more than I ever have.  I think it’s because the week she was here, we grew even closer than we’ve ever been.  We’re working out details for the wedding–there is so much more involved in that than I realized.  It’s crazy.  But just knowing that I’ll be with her forever soon–it seems to highlight sometimes that I’m not yet.

This is the home stretch–about 1.5 months before I return to Romania with her and stay until the wedding.  We’re planning and praying that she can return to Germany for Christmas.  The big hope is that I can go back to Romania with her to celebrate–but if there is work for me here I need to take it.  I just want her.  That’s all.  And I know it’s coming soon–just not soon enough 😀

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