Rahela’s birth

After a hard and long pregnancy, the time came. The time to welcome our baby girl into this world.

My contractions started early on a Sunday morning. But I have been having contractions on and off for about 2 days, so I wasn’t sure if this is it. I waited, walked around the house, joked with Scott that today might be the day, and waited some more. Around 9 am I remember waking my sister up with the big news. My contractions were getting stronger and more exact. She didn’t believe me at first, because we all talked about this moment that seemed to never come.

We have previously talked to my midwife about having Isaiah join us during labor and birth. We read extensively about it and agreed it would be a good idea, since it would help create a stronger bond between him and his little sister. It would also help him understand where she came from and it’s not just a baby we brought home. During my pregnancy I have read books to him about how there is a baby in my tummy and soon that baby will join our family and will be forever with us. I prepared him as much as I could for the big moment. At little over 2 years old, he actually understood more than I thought!

Scott and I left to meet our midwife at the Birth House. My sister and Isaiah were to join us soon after their breakfast, which they did. Together, Scott and Isaiah prepared the water for me, while I danced and swayed holding on to the wraps attached to the ceiling. I was feeling good, strong and ready for this. Everybody kept telling me that I will have a faster labor compared to my first. Since that’s how it (almost) always is with your second. But yet again I was proven to be the exception, like in so many situationsĀ in my life šŸ™‚
Instead of faster, it turned out to be 2 hours longer. Looking back, I know why. I tried to be in control of it, I tried to be the one in charge and to tell my body what to do. But it doesn’t work that way. When you give birth, you are not in controlĀ of your body. Your body is in controlĀ of you. You just have to let go. Let go to your plans, let go to time frames, let go to everything you thought you will be able to do or not be able to do. And just breathe. But being the control freak I am, I couldn’t do that. And my midwife was the voice I needed to hear whisper in my ear. The perfect, still, confident voice telling me to let my body dictate the pace. And when I finally listened, it all happened faster. My body relaxed more, so did my muscles, my cervix, my mind…

At 7:10 pm the moment to welcome the princess came and as soon as she was out, my midwife laid her on my chest. Big, curious eyes, looking around. She was born weighing 3.950 grams and measuring 52cm. A big princess she was. Isaiah was there and his first reaction was to give her his cuddle bear Coco. It was his way of accepting her, welcoming her into the family. His most priced possession was now offered to his baby sister. What a sweet moment!

Here she is. Our little princess.



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