I’ve been thinking what would be the best way to travel to Budapest to wait on Scott. He will be at the airport at 21.55 Budapest time, on the 11th of June. That’s a Saturday. Made a few phone calls and tried to see if train or bus would be alright for me to go there and then for both to return. Nothing pleased my ear. All the options I tried would have me there by noon and I’d have to wait for at least 6 hrs until Scott arrives. I don’t like that, Scott said no to the idea too. And for a return, we should wait another 9 hours to get a bus back to Baia Mare.

I don’t like asking for favors, so I kept this next option as my last resort. I thought of asking my brother Vasa to take me there. He said if I pay for all the expenses, he’s fine with that 🙂 Yay! I asked Scott if he would be okay with having a private chauffeur and he was more than happy about it. We can enjoy a nice ride together, have a car at our disposal and a pretty skilled driver too. God is good! 

12 more days to go.


It’s crazy how close we are to finally being together again.  Ralu sent a message this morning telling me about the bus times, and i was amazed that she even considered going there 6 hours to wait for me.  I don’t want her to go through that at all.  It’s awesome that Vasa is going to drive for us, and I can’t wait to have Ralu next to me again!!!

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