One of the guys


I realized yesterday that I’ve joined the fraternity of the traveling businessman. And it really is like a fraternity. There is a mutual respect when you pass another man in a hotel or restaurant that is there on business.

And I’m learning how to survive on the road. To check for parking and amenities like kitchen or microwave included when looking for a hotel or pension. I’m learning how to pack food–to know what and how much to bring. To divide into work food and after work food. Even the order to pack my clothes so I don’t have to dig through my bag when I need something. Maybe that comes naturally for you, but it’s a learned skill for me.

When I first started this job, I just felt lost all the time. And everyone else seemed to know exactly what they were doing. The longer I’ve been working and traveling, the more I realize that the other guys don’t know everything. They’ve just been there before, had more experience. And as I travel, I’m catching up. Feeling a little more comfortable and confident every day.

Thank You, Father, for work. Thank You for Your grace, protection, strength, and wisdom. Thanks for making me one of the guys, and please shine through me every day so they can see Your light in all I do.

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