Most terrifying 30 mins of my life

Just went through the hardest time of my life. My heart is still racing and my eyes tear up. How it all happened:

Scott is (as I type) on the way home from 4 days of work about 400 km away. So I am at home in Plauen, waiting on him with food and a clean apartment. He can’t enjoy it too much tonight, cause he will just eat then go to his place, but tomorrow we will have a full day together! Can’t wait for that. I miss this guy so much….

His supervisor is driving, so we were chatting in and out, mostly he was typing cause I was still cleaning here. When I came to the computer to read what he said, I typed a few things in reply and then it all went completely silent. He wouldn’t write back at all. I told to myself… he might be busy, so I was patient the first 5 minutes. Then, I asked him if he’s there. Nothing. 10 mins passed. He went idle, and I went crazy. I called on Skype, he answered twice and for like 30-40 seconds there is only noise at the other end. I can’t distinguish voices, but I hear wind and noise. He then calls me back twice, but again no talking. By this time, I’m praying hard for his protection. I call his phone from mine, no answer. What would you have imagined if you were me?

I’m telling you… my brains did their part and imagined every possible scenario. From stopping for gas, to having a car crash. I started crying and begging God not to let anything bad happen to him. For a split second I even saw myself surrounded by police and doctors, identifying his body!!!! I cried so hard. I was never more scared in my life. And the feeling of …helplessness is terrible. All I had was prayer, and used my ammo full capacity !

After about 30 minutes, I receive a “hey” from the other side. Mr. Honsome fell asleep!!! Those who know Scott, know he can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, even if he’s talking to you 🙂 That’s one of the things I love him for, he’s very peaceful. And usually when he gets suddenly silent, I know he fell asleep, so I don’t worry. But this time it was different, because (1) it was less than a minute since his last reply, (2) he answered Skype twice and even called me back and (3) he was on the road and that makes him so much more vulnerable and me worried.

He tells me he is okay, just dozed off. HUGE relief. Brains cease activity. Heart rate goes back to normal. Crying eventually stops. I AM THANKFUL!!!

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