Christmas without Jesus?! What is Christmas about anyways?


It sounds crazy, right? This has been trending for a while now, but it feels like a Christmas without Jesus is the norm these days. There have been countless battles like this one over nativity scenes, and more are banning them every year.

Greeting cards with “Merry X-Mas” and “Happy Holidays” have been around for years, subtly removing Jesus from His own holiday. Santa and his Reindeer have long been more popular than Jesus.

So there have been alternatives for quite some time, but there is increasing pressure to completely remove Jesus and silence Christians. This is alarming, so I wanted to take some time and set the record straight.

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus leaving the perfection of Heaven and entering the world in the most humble circumstances. The King of Heaven and Earth chose to trade His crown for some rags and a trough (the thing barn animals eat out of, just in case you’re wondering).

Why would He do that?

Because we all need to be saved from ourselves. The Bible tells us that none of us are perfect, and that happens to be the requirement for entry into God’s Kingdom. Perfection is something we will never attain, and we often prove this more during the Christmas season than any other time of the year. Have you ever lost your temper in a traffic jam or crowded parking lot during a mission to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones? I sure have. And have you silently hurled insults at the slow cashier or the annoying person that has chosen to shout (not even talk) on their cell phone while you wait behind them for an eternity to spend money that you really can’t afford to? I’m guilty here too.

And maybe you’re one of those super-prepared people that finishes shopping in July and lays out a perfect Christmas feast while singing Christmas songs with all the joy one person can muster. Can even youmake it through the holidays without telling a single lie or entertaining an inappropriate thought?

And as much as we would like to give and receive the perfect gifts, what Jesus came to offer us is so much better! He paid the penalty for all of our mistakes, all of our sins–past, present, and future. And He offers redemption and a reunion with the living God, the creator of all things. We are reconciled with God here and now, but we also get to enjoy eternal life with Him when our time in this world is up.

If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10:9

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