Life in Germany

Scott and I got used to living an adventure with God, and He continues to walk us through it even more now. We are good health wise, but we are facing hard times some days because of work. As many of you know, Scott’s job involves a lot of traveling. He works constructions, fixing huge industrial ovens, so he basically goes wherever there are problems or they are on a work site building new ones. All over Germany and some times abroad too.

Our relationship is great, we have no problems in that aspect, we just pray to God to keep our faith strong while He’s working on our future! It’s hard to be in a country where you don’t speak their language, you have to work in areas where you’re not an expert and also you have to leave home every week, and be back after  6-10 days. No fun, especially for us as newlyweds. We do trust our God with our future, but we’re broken inside every time we have to leave each other for longer than a few hours. And it’s even harder on Scott, as he’d doing all the hard job. I try to be as supportive as I can as a wife, but I must admit that I fail sometimes, and sadness wins over me.

While Scott is at work, I stay home and look for other jobs for both of us: Applying for teaching jobs, trying to find work as a nanny (for me) or anything, really. We are thinking about saving some money with his current job so we can afford him to stay at home for a couple of weeks and try to knock at some other doors for job. If he’s always gone with work, he can’t do that, so he needs time off. We are also looking for ways he can go to school to become a welder. It’s something needed here and we want to give it a try. We don’t know yet what it means, but after Easter we will be digging more into it, see if it’s God’s will for us. We do trust God all the way, He has always walked before us and prepared all for us. I got an email today that says I can continue with my translation work, which is awesome. That means some more income and something for me to do, except clean, cook and learn German. Oh, we’re both learning (or trying to) learn this impossible language. Scott is doing it official, attending classes every Sunday for about 5 hours. He’s such a fast learner and smart man! So proud of him. I am learning from home, by myself, and I like to think I am making progress 🙂

Sometimes I have to fight discouragement, I am only human. I am most of the time at home, cleaning, reading, cooking and cleaning again. Even that has no purpose if Scott is not here. Clean for who? Cook for who? I am good with a bar of chocolate for breakfast and a slice of bread for lunch. I don’t care. I am emotionally very sensitive and I feel like locking myself up in the house, watching movies all the time to stop thinking about it and sleep. NEVERTHELESS, through all this, God is still God, sovereign and in control. I love Him and no matter what He brings us to, He’ll bring us through.

I am doing much better today. I had a great time of prayer and worship last night with Scott and a few others in my uncle’s house. We got some good news after that, that Scott can work in town for 2 weeks and he doesn’t have to leave anymore, but our joy was short. After less than 10 mins, we received a call that he does have to leave after all. I cried, sobbing with tears while washing dishes. I am tired of seeing him leave after 1 day of being home (he came home on Saturday night from his previous work site). I know it’s hard for him to be away for so long too, eating can food and having to pack and travel all the time. IT’S NOT FUN!  I saw his sadness when he got the call and that broke my heart. He came from behind and hugged me tight, didn’t say a word… but we both spoke to each other through that gesture. He then went to the living room and knelt down before the Lord in prayer. After what seemed like 5 mins he came back for me, told me to stop and join him. He hugged me tight and we both told the Lord our sadness and desires. He listened. He didn’t change the situation, Scott still had to leave at 5 am this morning, but HE changed our hearts. We had a great time together after that, singing and worshiping God, renewing our commitment to God through ANY struggle we are to face and Scott finished by telling me the wedding vow again. A whole week of separation is ahead of us again, but we will overcome it and pray it will be the LAST ONE!
We plan on taking 2 weeks off and going back to Romania for Easter, to see my family and do the Easter Drama all over the country with my church. That will be a great time and we are both looking forward to it! After we return to Germany, we will see what the Lord has for us. It’s a time of uncertainty in our life, and we discover God’s will step by step. We learn to trust Him and be ready for anything He calls us to do. I am sure most of you know how that feels 🙂

Enough rambling for the day!
Peace out 😛

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