I called, You answered!

Express your thankfulness, oh my soul! Go and tell the world the wonders that the Father has done for you!!

There is a song we sing in church and it goes like this (my translation)

“Thousand years won’t be enough to live and tell the wonders that You’ve done in my life. They all talk about a single King”

Going through my notes on Facebook, I read a note I wrote on the last day of 2009, and I said I don’t expect anything of 2010, and guess what! It was the most surprising year I have ever lived. In my walk with Christ, in my personal life (met Scott too), in my career and my studies. So many things happened and I stand amazed before the Father and with an open heart I say THANK YOU! Just that… Thank You! Looking forward to what the rest of 2011 has to offer. Walking with Christ is an adventure!! 

Dear Jesus,

When I called Your Name, You were there to say “Yes, Daughter of Zion”, when I almost fall, Your loving arms where there to catch me, when I want to give up You were there to encourage me to put one step in front of the other and keep waling! When I felt alone, You embraced me and whispered “I love you”. When I was tired, the breath of Your mouth brought fresh air to my lungs and all the fatigue was gone, because Your presence came rushing over me with strength. When fear came my way, You assured me there’s no reason to shake and tremble, for the Maker of the Universe stands on my side! When Satan was shouting into my ear that I deserve to die, that I am not worthy of all this, creating confusion and seeding doubt in my heart, Your Mercy said NO, I’m not gonna let you go! You never let go! I love you, my King and my Saviour! You always pull me through! Always!! With tears in my eyes I tell You that I will keep fighting! I will forever look into Your eyes and hold my hands up towards You, placing my entire life at Your feet!

Words are not enough to show what I really feel, songs can’t find the right melody to express my gratitude! You, above all, shine in my life!!! I adore You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!


a girl who wants to be with You always

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