We had a great time in Fuerteventura. It was not what we expected and we were close to disappointment when we got there. I learned something cool there, though. As we were planning for the honeymoon, both Scott and I had our own ideas about  how it will be (the location itself). We wanted sun and beach and us together. We got all that. But we were not honest in admitting we also “attached” some pictures of our own to the way the place should look like, the hotel room, the view and everything included.

When we landed we saw MOUNTAINS of rocks and something that looked like desert. Barely any house, the land was not cultivated and could never be unless you heavily irrigate it all and still… the soil is no good. Very rocky and dry. My idea, and I guess Scott’s too, was paradise, with palm trees everywhere. We soon realized that if there was any palm tree, it was planted and surrounded with hoses used to irrigate the place. As we traveled to the hotel, we were silently observing the place. We soon discovered that the main income for that island is TOURISM! Main and only, pretty sure. There were resorts every now and then on the ocean shore, shopping centers in the middle of the town and that’s about it. 

We got to our hotel, we were satisfied. Clean and elegant. Our room was nice but again different. All painted white (which I never like because that reminds me of hospitals), nothing made of wood (which makes sense cause they have NO TREES) and lots of cold marble (again makes sense, cause they have plenty of that). Was the hotel a bad choice? NO! It was quiet, relaxing and clean. Nice pools outside and a great great view of the ocean. Food was great too, many varieties and tasted fresh 🙂 It is true that the first impression matters, but it also true that you can’t judge a book by its covers. We got to LOVE the place the very next day, as we LEARNED to appreciate and celebrate DIVERSITY! 

LESSON LEARNED: If God doesn’t meet your expectations with His gifts to you, it doesn’t mean the gift is not good. It means you have to learn to RECEIVE. 

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