Happily married!

Many things have happened, so buckle up for a long post. If I miss some of the details, have mercy on me. My brains are trying hard to remember it all. You’re welcomed to ask questions or add something I might have missed. 


I want to share with you a miracle. The main character is my dad and the Director of it all is GOD!! 🙂

Not sure how many of you know, but my parents were against it at the very beginning. I did respect them very much and I still do. I listened to their opinion, asked many questions to understand why they are against it. They met Scott in person and saw how good of a man he is, but still…. my dad said no. Mom was happy for me and she got to really love Scott quickly, more than accepted him and many times she took his side instead of mine 😀 Moms… but anyway, back to my dad. I kept praying and praying about it, while at the same time I did whatever it took to let the 2 most important men in my life have time together and know each other. Dad doesn’t speak English so there was basically no communication between him and Scott. But still, there were ways he can know Scott without words. I kept talking to my dad about it, many times I cried over it. He knew I loved Scott and he also knew I would not go against his will, so he was torn inside too. Believe me, parents do not mean to hurt you, they honestly and genuinely believe they do the best for you ALL the time!

When I asked Dad about his reasons why he opposes our marriage, he basically said: because he’s American! He’s not “one of us”, he has different mentality, he might take you away from us and how can I then protect you if I have to? Valid reasons for a father, right? But none stands when I confront them with the Bible or with who I knew Scott Winn was. I knew he would never hurt me and him being not “one of us” is not good enough to say no to him. Dad is not a believer, but still I submitted to him always. So I told Dad, in Christ there is no culture, there is only JESUS CULTURE. If my future husband is a strong believer, that’s all I need. Of course there will be cultural differencess we will HAVE TO WORK ON, it will be harder, but I was ready to face it. And if Dad didn’t come with a valid reason to stand against it (like he saw something bad in Scott, he doesn’t think he is responsible enough, or hard working, or respectful… etc) I would move on. It took months for Scott to prove himself in front of my dad, very much work (actual work, as he had to prove he can provide for me to pass Dad’s tests) and patience. But he did it! He felt like Jacob working for the woman of his dream, to be able to marry her hahahha. Right, Baby?

And to take you to the end of the story… Dad finally agreed to the wedding. When that day came, Scott and I were AMAZED to see how God changed dad’s heart. And it wasn’t a : “oh well, what can I do, marry!” kind of agreement. He told Scott he’s proud of him, how he waited for me and proved himself worthy of his daughter. Dad showed him respect even before the wedding and so much more after the wedding. The war has ended, and we are victorious through Christ. 🙂 It’s possible. If you too, whoever you are reading this, are going through similar trials about your relationship, pray and trust God. He will tell you if this is good or bad idea, if you should fight for that man or just let him go. Story is longer and many more things happened, but I have to stick to the topic as much as possible 🙂 

The wedding was more than my dream come true. People had fun, we had fun. I’d love to do it all over again! I want to thank my dearest friend Mihaela Sabou for her ongoing support, I don’t think I could have made it without her, really. Thank you, Mihu, from the bottom of my heart. Susan was also a great help, she has a special talent in design and she helped a lot with invitations and much more. I won’t forget that, San! And last, but not least, Adelush de plus, my beautiful bridesmaid. She’s been there from the very beginning and my heart is thankful! These 3 special ladies were my encouragement when I was low, my prayer warriors, my true friends who also kicked me in the backside if I needed help to move ahead. I can always count on their honesty and love. I love you all! 

After we shared our pictures from the wedding on Facebook, we received many comments from attendees, saying they had a blast. I will let their words speak, while my heart rejoices and is thankful to God! (Check my FB page). 
One of my friends saw the picture of our first kiss on our wedding day and she sent me a private message asking me if she misunderstood or indeed we waited for our first kiss until our wedding day. My answer was longer to her, as I gave her some details that I felt on my heart I should share with her, but this is what I basically told her: By the grace of God ALONE, Scott and I can say we only kissed at the altar, when we heard the words “YOU MAY NOW KISS YOUR BRIDE”! And boy, what a day that was!!! It wasn’t easy to wait, but the longer the waiting the sweeter the kiss. This is what encouraged us many many times when temptation arose. Based on our experience, it is possible only when both want to wait. If one would want to kiss and the other to wait, I am not sure who would be the one standing after a couple of months. 🙂 Before my husband and I met, we both had it in our minds that we would only kiss our spouse at the altar, on the wedding day. I didn’t think a man with such thinking still exists, but I kept wanting and praying for one. God blew my mind when he sent Scott my way and showed me endless times that YES, HE CAN keep someone for me, HE ACTUALLY DID and that waiting faithfully is very much valued by God!

I wish I could say I never kissed before, but I can’t. Here goes my public confession 🙂 I was about 14 when a so-called “boyfriend” kissed me. The whole “relationship” lasted 2 weeks, a very childish thing, but even so I felt convicted and repented in front of God back then, and many times after that – as Satan would always make sure he reminds me of the stupid things I did. After I met Scott, I made sure he knows about it (it wasn’t easy, but he deserved to know) and asked for forgiveness. He accepted me with my flaws, isn’t he awesome? 😀 Even though I was very young at that time, I soon realized the importance of a kiss and I decided that I will NOT ALLOW anybody else but my husband to kiss me. That past experience was somehow useful to me as I came to realize what I really wanted and what is precious in God’s eyes! I felt like God said to me “Go and sin no more”. I held tight to that and by His grace, about 10 years passed … And after all that… after all my sins, God blew my mind and surprised me with a man I am not worthy of, but sure am thankful for! 🙂 

I encourage you all singles out there, do not give up. Wait faithfully on your spouse, and the reward will be great! And for those who think they have to “try”  and “test” before marriage, either a kiss or much more, leave it in God’s hands. He will make you two compatible in ALL aspects. Compatibility develops, you learn everything in life, how to kiss, how to love, how to accept, how to be a better you… anyway, nobody is born kissing. So why not learn together with your spouse, why test on another man or woman who does NOT belong to you? Think about it!  


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