For all the single ladies :-)


I want to encourage you, ladies. If I learned something through my relationship with Scott before marriage and now as we’re married, it is to TRUST THE LORD!! I am pretty active on a Christian page, where people ask questions and those who can, give the answer. One of the single ladies asked this: “How can I really believe there are men out there like your husband when all I see are a bunch of fake men walking around calling themselves Christian Men? I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. I’m not settling for that as my friends have. They call me up and tell me how bad their husbands act and how miserable they are. I want a Godly husband not an impersonation of one. And I don’t see any examples of good marriages either. What can I do?”

And because I have my own friends that ask me the same thing, I want to share with you all something more of our story and how God takes control when you allow Him to. This is my answer to her and you. 

I was where you are, I thought all good men have died or vanished off the face of the earth. I didn’t want to settle down, but I was close to do it and my faith was weak. God kept encouraging me over and over again, and not long after I would be weak again. He then told me my man is around the corner, and I was like: OK GOD! I wanna see him, bring him on. Not long after, He did! And I am telling you, there are many great men out there.

I know it is discouraging to look outside the window and see all those failed marriages, those hopeless singles and tortured couples. Maybe you want to ask me: Did you have any fears when it came to marrying? OH YES! Yes, had a fear about marriage before I met my husband. About other guys I was observing around me or were interested in me…. I always thought… what if he’s not the right guy? What if I don’t see God’s leading clear enough and I make a wrong choice? My biggest fear was that I MIGHT MAKE A MISTAKE. I was like: “I do trust God, but do I trust myself in saying and doing the right thing? I know God does His part, but I have to do mine” and I was worried I might not do it right. I thought I had faith, I thought that I trusted God, but I actually didn’t. I only trusted my judgement and because I couldn’t see the future, I was scared! I had many other questions…. that were vanished when I met my husband. Seriously, I don’t know how it works, but God takes it all away and gives you peace at that time. Not all about him was perfect, but regardless of his flaws, I had peace about moving on and he was simply the best. I never met someone better than him and I knew I never will, because he completes me and we are better together. Even today I still have to dig his socks from under the bed or who knows where, but I love him nonetheless. He took out the best of me, and he still does every day. I remember I told him once that I’d like to get angry, really angry… for the sake of the argument. But then he comes with his gentle spirit and ruins my “anger_mood” and there goes the fun. Good that I have him 🙂

GOD is FAITHFUL. Just as I’ve been told when I was single, I am telling you now: do you think GOD does not see your needs, do you think He won’t be faithful to you as you’ve been faithful to Him? If there is no good examples around you, check HIS WORD. See how HE PROVIDED for and MET the needs of people always. HE IS JUST, FAITHFUL, LOVING and HE LOVES GOOD MARRIAGES. You trust His timing! I wanted it fast, I wanted it now. He warned me that He is still preparing my man, I became very inpatient, but now I am so thankful that He didn’t listen to me and my timeline. I am thankful for all the days before my husband came, because those were days God molded me into the wife I have to be and molded Scott into the husband he has to be for me. Still inside the workshop, in the Potter’s Hands, but it is well!!! Be encouraged!

Be thankful for these days you have left of being single and focus on how you can become a better YOU. Do not look down on men, as we all have flaws. Pray for your husband, even if you don’t know him yet. THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER! I can give countless examples of prayers I prayed for him before I ever met him and how effective they were. I found out years after that God listened to my prayers and protected my husband. You have a husband, you just didn’t meet him yet. Pray for him, love him, be faithful to him and get ready for him 🙂 I am sure there are things you can still improve! 😀 

God bless you and keep you! 

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