Desperate times call for desperate measures

Here’s a funny, true story.
A few months back I went swimming with Rahela. She was about 3 months old then and we enrolled her in a local baby swimming class. She is a water addict and she’s very good at swimming. Anyway, ladies with long hair already know what this means. Long hair + Water = hair tie. Even more so… water + long hair + baby = MUST HAVE hair tie.

We were in the changing room. After struggling to change clothes and put on a swimsuit, all while holding one hand on a squirmy baby, I looked at my wrist where my hair tie should have been. Guess what? It wasn’t there! I was sure I took not one, but two when I left the house that morning.  So I checked pockets, wrists and ankles, baby hands, baby carrier, bags… nothing. I looked around, maybe it feel during my struggle to get baby ready and myself half decent. Nothing.

I considered using a pen/pencil. I did that before and I am a pro at it. I also used chopsticks and shoe laces (all mine) when desperate situations required desperate measures. And this was one of those moments. But I couldn’t find anything similar!  I continued the getting ready process, although my mind was going “no, there is no way I can make it through the class with my hair down”. I wasn’t even sure they would allow us in the pool without my hair up, since the last thing you want swimming around your baby is a bunch of hairs.

Right before goihair-tieng in, I sat down to nurse Rahela. It wasn’t really a prayer in a full sense, but I remember thinking “God, I need something. What will I do?” As I was sitting there, thinking and nursing, I looked down. Right there in front of me, on the floor, was a grey hair tie. It was all wet. It wasn’t mine. But it was a hair tie! Perfectly functional, perfectly useful and perfectly used by someone. And when I sat down it wasn’t there, I promise! I guess God heard my half prayer 🙂

But now…. The dilemma! Do I pick it up? Do I even touch it? I am sure you all saw at least one lost hair tie somewhere in your vicinity at some point in your life: a parking lot, a hospital, a sidewalk,  a local supermarket or even in front of your house. And I am also sure you never thought about picking it up. Neither have I! But today was different. I started thinking what if it belonged to someone that was still in the changing room with me and saw me take it? So I waited. I waited to see if someone is looking for it. It soon became clear that nobody missed it, while I was there, “craving” for it. So I touched it. I picked it up. I squeezed it hard to get most water out of it and I did it! I put it in my hair. This time I was really praying that it doesn’t have little crawling things that get in my hair, that it doesn’t carry any disease or that it won’t burn my hair. Funny, I know.

Although I hope never to be in a similar situation again, today I am here to testify that I am 100% hair bug and hair disease free. Unfortunately, I lost the famous hair tie too. I have hair ties everywhere around the house, in my pockets and bags, but somehow I am always in need of more. Oh well… the hair tie business must be making a fortune on people like me.

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