Creating a home


I received the keys to our new apartment at 5pm Thursday night. The previous tenants left several things, and they’re supposed to have it all out by next weekend. They said originally they leave a bed and kitchen counters/cabinets that we can have for free. Then the wife asked for money when she turned in the key. I told her to just take all. The stuff wasn’t in great shape and would have been a temporary solution for us anyways. Now we’re basically giving them free storage until next weekend when they can arrange transport. Frustrating situation, but God is using it to teach me patience and flexibility.

I went Friday morning with the landlord to pick out paint. I had Friday and Saturday to get it painted before Ralu got in early Sunday. We decided to do a cream/off-white downstairs, and white and orange upstairs. Upstairs the roof and walls are slanted, only 84cm at the bottom go up straight on each wall before the slant. So we did orange at the bottom and on window sills, white for the rest.

I have a greater respect for painters now. I spent two days painting and cleaning, and it’s still not quite done. I started upstairs, I did manage to paint and clean all of that. I even brought up a mattress and created a temporary little bed for Ralu. She’s going to live in the new apartment while we get it ready, I’ll continue to share an apartment with her uncle until the wedding.

Anyways, the time Ralu was supposed to arrive changed a few times. She finally left Romania a little before 3pm on Saturday. Because of weather and traffic, she expected to arrive at 5am Sunday.

I made quite a mess while painting, so I stopped painting and started cleaning somewhere around 11pm. I also had a small break around 7pm to go buy her some surprises.

I stopped cleaning a little before 3am (i was far from finished, hahaha). I was disappointed I couldn’t finish everything, and was praying that Ralu would like the results. Finally showered and laid down to rest some in the new apartment.

I put the key in the door in case I didn’t hear Ralu call (the door locks automatically), and just waited. I wanted to be there to welcome her home. I even set an alarm for 5am (when she was supposed to arrive).

Well, I woke up a few hours later to a kiss on the cheek. I was startled and confused—it took at least 20 seconds to realize it’s Ralu. Even when I left the key in the door, I never considered the possibility that I wouldn’t be awake when she got there. Once I realized where I was and that Ralu was there smiling at me, I was completely awake and VERY excited :D. I gave her a big hug, and she told me she really liked the apartment. That was a huge relief—all the work was more than worth it 😀

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