It sounds crazy, right? This has been trending for a while now, but it feels like a Christmas without Jesus is the norm these days. There have been countless battles like this one over nativity scenes, a […]


    In case you didn’t know yet, I’m a superhero fan. And I’ve always had a bit of super hero complex.

    If I see or hear someone in trouble, then I feel a responsibility to get involved. In a crowd, I […]

  • I’m not getting any younger. Some days I am more aware of this than others.

    The days I am feeling especially aware, I wonder if I will ever accomplish everything I want to. At the top of that list is leaving […]

  • That’s M’Lady, haha!

    I know this struggle, as I actually had long hair myself for several years. And I also had hair ties with all the time, on my wrist, in my pockets, and always a stash in my car.

    But I […]

  • (Scott)

    Hello again everyone.

    It has been just over one year since our last post. SO MUCH has happened!!!

    We are now living in Leipzig, which is crazy. My hometown–Moncks Corner, SC–had less than 6000 peo […]

  • Do you remember when Jesus cleansed the temple in Mark 11?

    15 They came to Jerusalem, and He went into the temple complex and began to throw out those buying and selling in the temple. He overturned the money […]

  • (Scott)
    I had an argument with God yesterday. He is calling me to do more (start an English-speaking Bible study here in Germany) and I don’t feel like I’m ready yet. So I gave him a list of excuses–I’m learnin […]

  • Ralu and I have been given the opportunity to counsel several people lately. It’s something we prayed for and God has blessed us with far more than we could have imagined at this point.

    A common theme lately h […]

  • (Scott)

    I received the keys to our new apartment at 5pm Thursday night. The previous tenants left several things, and they’re supposed to have it all out by next weekend. They said originally they leave a bed a […]

  • (Scott)
    I returned to Plauen for the weekend at 1am last night.  Just finished a week of work, and I go back to work at 3am on Monday.  Ralu is back in Romania for now.  
    I had very bad connection at the hotel wh […]

  • (Scott)
    Today is my birthday, and Ralu has already amazed me.  She sent an awesome email, filled up my facebook wall with some VERY COOL stuff, put the amazing post that’s right below this one, and even re […]

  • (Scott)
    I woke up this morning to a message from Ralu–she was asking for prayer because she had a crazy morning at work.  I called twice and could only talk to her for about 30 seconds because she was going ba […]

  • (Scott)
    I bought my plane ticket Saturday afternoon, and I’m FINALLY flying out on June 10 and not coming back until August 18!!!  After over three months apart, we’re finally going to be in the same place agai […]

  • (Scott)
    Just finished my first shift at work, and Ralu is on my mind more than ever.  Her smile, her laugh, her radiance! 
    She’s working still, and I can’t wait until we’re in the same time zone again—I […]

  • (Scott)
    Ralu got a new phone today.  Meet Sabram, a Galaxy S (almost exactly like my Selah, but he’s even better).  
    So why is this so exciting?  Because now she can always be online and we can communicate for […]

  • Hi Scott. My day has been really great. Started of cleaning, as usually on Saturdays (since I don’t work, I can afford to deep clean the house), then at 1 pm I met 2 of my friends at church and we went to ho […]

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