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Prayer and Patience

(Scott) I woke up this morning to a message from Ralu–she was asking for prayer because she had a crazy morning at work.  I called twice and could only talk to her for about...


18 and counting!

(Scott) I bought my plane ticket Saturday afternoon, and I’m FINALLY flying out on June 10 and not coming back until August 18!!!  After over three months apart, we’re finally going to be in...


Longing for my LIKE

(Scott) Just finished my first shift at work, and Ralu is on my mind more than ever.  Her smile, her laugh, her radiance!  She’s working still, and I can’t wait until we’re in the...


Ralu got a new phone!!!

(Scott) Ralu got a new phone today.  Meet Sabram, a Galaxy S (almost exactly like my Selah, but he’s even better).   So why is this so exciting?  Because now she can always be...


First email from the amazing Anta!!!

Hi Scott.  My day has been really great. Started of cleaning, as usually on Saturdays (since I don’t work, I can afford to deep clean the house), then at 1 pm I met 2...

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