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Building a legacy

I’m not getting any younger. Some days I am more aware of this than others. The days I am feeling especially aware, I wonder if I will ever accomplish everything I want to. At...


Nobody is too big for Love

It happened. After years of babywearing and very few remarks from strangers (like the famous “can he breathe in there?”) someone actually said it. And not to me, to him. It was one of...


Rahela’s birth

After a hard and long pregnancy, the time came. The time to welcome our baby girl into this world. My contractions started early on a Sunday morning. But I have been having contractions on...


A hard, perfect first birth!

Our little man is finally here! Say hello to Isaiah. Not sure how many of you know, but I have chosen to birth outside hospital. I chose this way because it was more fitted...


Communication is KEY

Ralu and I have been given the opportunity to counsel several people lately. It’s something we prayed for and God has blessed us with far more than we could have imagined at this point....



(Ralu)  We had a great time in Fuerteventura. It was not what we expected and we were close to disappointment when we got there. I learned something cool there, though. As we were planning for the...

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