Birthday party with bad ending


This sleeping beauty was woken up by a short message from her Mr. Honsome. The message said “I need you right now”. As we agreed a while ago, whenever one of us says that, it means something urgent and we need to talk. So I called on Skype to see what seems to be the problem. I knew he’s having a bonfire back home in Charleston, like a Birthday party with his family and friends. He’s going to be there until June 9th, by the way. All those who want to see him before he flies to Romania, go to Downtown Market. He’s going to work there for a week or so.

Anyway, he told me that he was cutting the branches for the fire with a knife, and he put that knife on the floor inside the house. When he went back inside, he forgot where the knife was and he cut his big toe pretty bad in it. He always walks barefoot (walking barefoot seems to be a disadvantage in this case), and he somehow cut under his toe, where the toe connects to the foot. Scott said he has pictures of that, but I don’t want to see that. Do you? 🙂 I asked if it hurts, he said not too bad. I wanted to ask if he’s crying, but I didn’t. That would have hurt his ego hahaha. I wanted to tease him some and make him forget about the pain. His brother David made a bandage, but the bleeding was bad so they decided to take him to hospital for some stitches. Ouch! Miss Jeannie drove him to hospital (THANK YOU!) and he’s there right now as I type this. I got to hear some of Scott’s conversation with the nurse, before he had to go. He’s on great hands. And more so, God is in control. I asked Him to make his toe look good, with little (if any) scar. He’s my Mr. Honsome anyway. 🙂 

Scott passed the phone to his Mom, so I talked some to her. She said he lost a lot of blood, but other than that he’s gonna be fine. Waiting to hear some news soon. I’ll keep you posted. Prayers are appreciated!


9 stitches, 3 inside, 6 outside. On his way out, he started bleeding again and the docs checked twice. The stitches were good, and can’t tell why he’s bleeding still. Adding more pressure now to stop it. 

And… he’s got crutches! 


Ralu was awesome–stayed on the phone with me as much as she could 😀

And just for the record, the knife was stuck in the ground outside, with about half of the blade sticking out. I was walking inside in the dark and forgot the knife was there.  But I don’t leave knives laying inside–that would just be irresponsible ;D


Oh, sorry. Thanks for the clarification though, now we all know you’re not irresponsible 🙂

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