I am babysitting this weekend. One of my uncles and his wife have to attend a wedding so I am at their house for these 2 days.

It’s 4 smth in the morning and I am wide awake. Reason? It’s funny how God works. He woke me up exactly when they got home, there was no movement in the house until like 5 mins after I woke up – I heard the main door open and then high heels on the floor, I asked who’s there (knew it’s them, just double checking) and a very pretty, elegant thief replied. Now I can’t fall back asleep, so I will call Mr. Honsome and see how his day was and how did the sale go today. We need as much sales as possible. 🙂 someone has to pay those speeding tickets hahaha.

His toe looks great, by the way. He is being brave about it and refuses to use the crutches. We will see if we post picture of that. His Mom also made a cool video for me while Scott was being taken care of by the doc. She’s so cool. Thanks, Miss Jeannie!

13 more days to go… Wo hoo!

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