Arranging our future home


We now know how big our apartment is, how it is structured and what can fit in. This week we started to look around for bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. We need to check the options we have, designs and prices, make an idea of what we want and what we like. It is now when we both have to get used to each other’s taste and preferences when it comes to decorating.

I didn’t think about discussing this before, never saw it as something important, but when you are faced with decorating your home TOGETHER, then it hits you 🙂 It’s all good on our side still, we both like pretty much the same things – as much wood as possible, make sure it’s comfortable and it makes you feel like home, not inside an office. We do not like metal, we do not like modern style and we do not like too much color. We both want to make sure our home will be welcoming and warm. Up to now we agree on basic things, thank God. Scott said he trusts my opinion when it comes to interior design, which is cool. I am not an expert, but I am learning. I have been looking at pictures all evening, trying to get ideas. I will probably do this for the next several days, and when I return to Germany I can tell for sure what I want. Of course, making our dreams come true depends on what we find in the stores as well, so we’re praying about that and some good prices 🙂 Christmas is close so we might get discounts!! Yay!

This should be fun and I can’t wait to be back and design OUR HOME with Mr. Honsome!! 

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