Monthly Archive: December 2011


Waiting for Christmas with Ralu

(Scott) I’m fighting frustration right now. Plans changed at work this week–again. Instead of getting home late last night, I worked until 9am at one city, rode for 2 hours to work 40 more...


Christmas preparation

(Ralu)  Home alone, I should clean and cook, but I feel cold. So I just sit in the chair and listen to music. I don’t play Christmas songs, because that will make me miss...


Creating a home

(Scott) I received the keys to our new apartment at 5pm Thursday night. The previous tenants left several things, and they’re supposed to have it all out by next weekend. They said originally they...


One of the guys

(Scott) I realized yesterday that I’ve joined the fraternity of the traveling businessman. And it really is like a fraternity. There is a mutual respect when you pass another man in a hotel or...

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